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CARES21, Consortium for Agro-Ecological Research and Education in Sustainability in the 21st Century, is an initiative of Widener University that offers field experience for professors and students with a multidisciplinary approach to sustainability involving social, economic, cultural, and environmental factors.

We offer a unique campus perched in the cool highland coffee region on the Poas Volcano that can easily lodge over 40 people with modern services yet is very connected to the local community.

We invite students and professors of all academic disciplines to consider partnering with us as we work with neighbors, local schools, local and global institutions of higher education and Costa Rican governmental officials to create holistic solutions to real world problems. Whether your focus is community development, education, public health, business and entrepreneurship, biology, habitat preservation, agriculture, watershed protections, or environmental law, we invite you to CARES21 to continue exploring best practices for a more sustainable 21st century.

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