Whether you are a partnering university or a  student interested in a volunteer opportunity in Costa Rica, we are confident that you will find your experience with CARES21 to be inspirational, productive, and cost efficient. Our facilities are unique offering hotel comfort and quality with panoramic views of the Central Valley that will inspire educators and students alike. While visiting and studying at CARES21 you will be exposed to a multi-disciplinary approach to:

  • Understanding sustainable development in Costa Rica and Latin America

  • Integrating service learning & sustainability

  • Engaging in understanding and solving real world problems

  • Discussing the intersection of social justice and the environment

  • Exploring global issues and their alignment with local issues.

  • Engaging in unique opportunities in education, nursing, environmental science, biology, development, economics, geology, sociology.

  • Exploring Costa Rica's biodiversity resources for educational purposes

  • Volunteer experiences both short and long term

  • Developing students’ intercultural competence

We look forward to hosting and partnering with you!

Partner Universities

At  CARES21 we are committed to offering you the highest quality educational experience at the most affordable rates in Costa Rica insuring enthusiastic student participation with an eye on budget. When planning a trip with CARES21 we will coordinate everything from airport pick up to airport drop-off allowing trip leaders a stress free experience with minimal advanced planning. Our established network of infrastructure, services, academic, and social connections allow us to offer a transformative experience insuring engagement of all types of students. At CARES21 we look forward to partnering with you in your efforts to create socially aware and responsible students by providing them real world experience. Please contact us for an obligation-free quote and to learn how CARES21 can support and partner with you. Please contact Tomás Dozier at

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