Coffee Initiative

Conscientious Coffee Consumption.
Is it possible?


CARES21, Consortium for Agro-Ecological Research and Education in Sustainability in the 21st Century, is an initiative of Widener University that aims to educate U.S. coffee consumers, especially on college campuses, about the sustainability issues concerning coffee from cultivation to cup.

Committed to the values of all three dimensions of sustainability - environmental, social, and economic - Widener University faculty work with farmers, brokers, roasters, and higher education food service providers to deliver organic, fair trade coffee on college campuses. 

Widener University offers  an integrated, multi-disciplinary curriculum that includes community-based research, service and other experiential learning opportunities for higher education. As an educational project location, CARES21 provides information and support to farmers, local coffee farming communities, and others along the coffee production to consumer chain to increase knowledge about sustainable coffee.

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