CARES21 Internship Opportunities

CARES21 is excited to announce that this summer they will be offering Internship Opportunities for university students (dates are willing to be negotiated). Our positions provide students with a multi-dimensional experience, providing resume building experiences, professional development, and cross-cultural work experience. For the summer, CARES21 will be welcoming students interested in working on hands-on projects invested in community development and sustainability. Students will be compensated for their work in transportation, food, and room and board. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us.

  • Organic Gardening and Agricultural Methods Position: Work at CARES21 (Widener’s Sustainability Center) in Costa Rica. Help develop and maintain the campus’ organic garden, as well as our composting center on the property. Work, collaborate, and educate neighbors about various sustainable methods in agricultural through example and practice at CARES21

  • ESL Instruction Position: Work in local elementary and high schools with Costa Rican teachers and professionals to provide English language education to students. Learn about the Costa Rican education system, and gain experience teaching abroad. You will observe, assist, and teach your own lessons, as well as form valuable relationships with your students as you live and work in the community alongside them.

  • Watershed Protection and Management Position: Costa Rica is home to one of the dirtiest rivers in Central America. Work with local government officials and schools to educate communities and work collaboratively on solutions to clean local rivers and tributaries. Be part of the solution!

  • Management and Hospitality Position: Work alongside our on-site staff at CARES21 in hosting groups and welcoming guests to our Costa Rica campus. You will have the opportunity to see the ins and outs of day-by-day operations at center that hosts not only university groups, but caters to  tourists as well. Practice hospitality first-hand by assisting  tourists in planning vacations trips in the cloud rain forests, to volcanoes, and beaches all within miles of the CARES21 hub facility.

  • Business Plan Position: Come down to our CARES21 property and work with our CARES21 staff  and Associate Provost for Global Engagement Dr. Denise Gifford to create a business plan for future projects and property development. Connect with locals and neighbors to  help envision the possibilities and projects CARES21 could offer to the community and future university groups.

  • Media and Publicity Position: Help CARES21 campus with their publicity and presence in the local and international community and on social media.  Take photos and videos of CARES 21 property and projects for Widener to use in  future promotions and  for group visits in the future.  Collaborate with neighbors and the local community to publicize projects and enhance community involvement.Update and maintain the CARES21 website as well as other popular online sites.

  • Government Advocacy Position: Live in community and work alongside local government officials to learn about the challenges facing Costa Rica. Help transform local government policies and advocate for greater transparency. Work with community members, locals and area schools to enact change.

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