Why become a CARES21 member?

The purpose of becoming a partner is to engage in mutual learning with faculty and students from other institutions, all of whom are committed to an educational coffee program that adheres to the values of CARES21.  Further, CARES21 members are committed to mutual learning with our coffee partners, engaging in community-based research and/or learning with the coffee farming communities with whom they partner, as well as with our partner roaster, food service providers and other parties involved in sustainable coffee from cultivation to cup. 

There are two types of memberships:

Exchange Members

Institutions that have existing or potential relationships with sustainable coffee farmers or other agro-ecological research and enterprises (e.g., maple syrup, vanilla, cacoa) can join as EXCHANGE members, where they have the opportunity to learn from other cultivation to cup partnerships, sharing research, practical information, and curricular materials with other members.  EXCHANGE members may also participate in a bean exchange in which other members' coffee beans or other sustainable products are sold on others' campuses.

CARES21 Partners

Institutions without existing relationships with sustainable coffee farmers can join as full consortium partners who want to be part of the research and product exchange but who also want to replicate Widener's coffee program on their campus.  As partners, you will have use of the CARES21 Costa Rica property adjacent to premier coffee fields, access to our menu of vetted experiential learning opportunities in the region that have been. 

Partners can either develop their own courses and use pay for particular weeks' use of the property annually, or they can choose to send students and faculty to participate in courses run by Widener and/or other CARES21 partners.  Alternatively, partners can choose to utilize their Costa Rica time to send students and/or faculty to participate in multi-institutional/multi-disciplinary summer research projects and teams.  use their vetted C2C members, as part of C2C, you will commit to purchasing beans that are part of the program. 

Benefits of CARES21 Membership

ALL MEMBERS will have access to the following benefits:

  • Representation on the national CARES21 board to set standards and share information to insure the integrity of the programs

  • Curriculum and syllabus exchange:  Widener will share its curriculum and course materials and will facilitate sharing among all CARES21 members via a website and at conferences

  • Research exchange:   Invitation to participate in a members only research conference

  • Marketing and branding guidelines:  how will you brand your coffee? 

  • Preferred roaster access to a roaster who will handle the importation of our coffee farm partners’ green coffee beans, certified organic roasting, packaging, labelling and distribution of your coffee

  • Information on how to negotiate with your institutional food service provider so that the program coffee is served on your campus 


CARES21 Partner benefits:

  • Access to educational programs in Costa Rica on sustainable coffee farming available to your faculty, students, alumni, community partners, etc. (additional time on a fee basis)

  • Access to our CARES21 Costa Rica living/learning site in San Pedro de Poas where you can develop your own research and/or educational programs (additional time on a fee basis)

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