We are here to assist!

What we provide: Lodging, transportation, food, research contacts through out the country, filed contacts, and just about anything to help realize your research all at the lowest prices in the country.

The CARES21 campus is ideally located in the Central Volcanic Range of Costa Rica. We are 3 hours (if not less) away from the Pacific Ocean and about 4 hours away from the Caribbean. Besides easy access to a variety of ecological wonders from high altitude volcano mountaine ecosystems to sea level humid tropics, all the major urban centers and research institutions of Costa Rica are a short drive away.  Our resident apartments are fully equipped for long term stays and our larger campus is the perfect place to host academics meetings.

Multidisciplinary Research: CARES21 is a place for all types of research, not just laboratory sciences.  We have hosted academic programs in sociology, anthropology, literature, education, social work, business, physical therapy, and various aspects of the broad theme of sustainability.  What ever your field of interest, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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